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Using txt file change bulb dvr configuration

Date:2013-09-03 10:49, Views:5432
Download this file into computer, "UserNumber.txt"
open it using a text editor,
the content format like below, just change and save it
then copy to the root of Micro-sd card, and insert back to bulb camera.
it will update it automatically.
UserNumber.txt content and format :
1st digit, Recording Mode, 0 Continuous Recording, 1 Motion Detection
3st digit, Resolution, 0 VGA (640x480), 1 CIF(352x288)
5rd digit, Year, in format YYYY
10th digit, Month,in format MM
13th digit, Date, in format DD
16th digit, Hours, in format HH
19th digit, Minutes, in format mm
22th digit, Seconds, in format SS
25th digit, Repeat Recording, 0 Yes, 1 No (no repeat, no overwritting)
27th digit, Recording Light, 1 Flashing durin recording, 0 Off
29th digit, Time Stamp, 1 Showtime, 0 Don't show timestamp on video
31th digit, Sound Recordng, 1 Yes, 0 (no sound, video only)

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