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How to update Motion Detection for DC-810 DC-920 DC-803 DC-903

Date:2013-05-03 14:30, Views:3085
This patch enables motion detection feature for below models :
DC-803, DC-810, DC-903 and DC-920
Updating procedures :
1. Download this patch, and unzip it
2. There are two folders, update and userset
3. Copy "update" folder into a formatted TF-card with folder name
4. Insert the card into a camera related to above models
5. Turn on power
6. The camera will run auto updating
7. After successfully updated, the camera will reboot by itself
8. After rebooting, it will go to normal recording mode
9. Stop recording and take out the TF-card
10. Insert the TF-card into a computer
11. Run "userset.exe" un the folder userset which is unzipped previously
12. The interface is in chinese,  but below is correspoding translation :
Select "Motion Detection" , and click "Save and Set to Current Time"
13. Take out TF-Card and insert back to the camera
14. That is it

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